The Identity Management (IdM) Co-design Taskforce has been set up to provide direction for this project, identify IdM issues and solutions, provide feedback and ensure the outputs produced are relevant to their institutions and organisations.

The taskforce includes people with the skills required to identify and address identity management issues for users. This includes people who are dealing with day to day issues as well as those from relevant access and identity management groups that already exist, such as:

  1. university staff (e.g. library staff, IT staff, personnel, student services, admin etc.) who are actively hitting IdM issues as part of their job;
  2. IT and Library Directors who believe that IdM is or should be part of their job, or their role should be affected by IdM.

The main purpose of the taskforce is to:

  1. Identify the issues, the practical steps for addressing these issues and the people who need to be involved in those steps;
  2. Identify strategic value of any recommended actions.

The taskforce is chaired by Mark Toole from SCONUL.

If you would like to volunteer to be a member of the Taskforce please email Christopher Brown or Verena Weigert.

Taskforce Membership
Colin Addy – University of Wolverhampton
Gavin Brindley – University of Coventry
Christopher Brown – Jisc
Mark Brown – BCU
John Chapman – Janet
Matthew Dovey – Jisc
Suzanne Enright – University of Westminster
Brian Gilmore – University of Edinburgh
Fiona Greig – University of Surrey
Claire Gravely – University of Surrey
Brian Hipkin – AMOSSHE
Henry Hughes – Janet
Liz Jolly – Univeristy of Teeside
Elizabeth Oddy – University of Newcastle
Fiona Parsons – University of Wolverhampton
John Paschoud – Consultant
Janet Peters – Cardiff University
Chris Roberts – Imperial College
Russell Roberts – University of Derby
Caroline Rock – Coventry University
Ann Rossiter – SCONUL
Alex Rumney – University of Sheffield
Chris Sexton – University of Sheffield
Rhys Smith – Cardiff University and Janet
Mark Toole – University of Stirling
Verena Weigert – Jisc
Paul Williams –    BCU
Mark Williams – Jisc Collections