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Usability Project Survey

As part of the Usability project, we’re investigating the way in which research staff and students in UK Higher Education access online academic resources such as research papers, articles and e-books. We’ve put together a short online survey to find out more about the problems students and staff may encounter when trying to access these  resources … Read more

IdM Taskforce workshop (Definitions/Governance and Toolkit)

As part of the information gathering process for the Definitions/Governance and Toolkit projects, a workshop was organised as early in the project timescale as was possible, giving the tight timescale. The workshop took place in London on 17 December 2013. The workshop sought the attendees’ opinion on the following: University membership categories within HE (input … Read more

IdM Governance/Definitions and Toolkit (Target audience) Projects

In an earlier post the different (sub-)projects that make up this Identity Management project were described. Two of these projects are being undertaken in parallel as the issues tackled by the projects are closely interlinked. This post gives an overview of the two projects. IdM Governance/Definitions Project (Project 1) This project is investigating the following … Read more

Identity Management Usability Project

In this project, Stuart Church from Pure Usability is carrying out research about the usability and user experience (UX) of current identity management systems that users must negotiate when logging on to library systems and accessing online resources. The first stage of the project included a literature review and a consultation with identity management taskforce … Read more

What are the issues?

Identifying the issues and potential solutions The purpose of the first workshop and face-to-face of the Taskforce was to elicit requirements from members of the Taskforce through a frank and open facilitated discussion about the issues. Then, with guidance from IdM experts and Jisc/Janet representatives, to identify solutions, particularly quick wins, that can be dealt … Read more