About the Project

The Identity Management project is one of a number of Jisc co-design projects running throughout 2013 and into the early part of 2014. On this blog you will find out the latest news from the project, links to relevant resources and its outputs. A number of “sub-projects” have been funded as part of this work and you can find out more about these sub-projects via this blog.

What’s co-design?

Co-design is an experiment to build on the way that Jisc already works with partner organisations, taking it to a deeper level. The five partner organisations (Research Libraries UK, the RUGIT, SCONUL, UCISA and Jisc) have each identified issues that are proving difficult to manage within their particular areas of interest, and a number of these have been developed into funded projects.

Details of the co-design process are available on the Jisc website under Funding and Co-design. If you would like to read blog posts related to all the projects funded under co-design then check out the Jisc co-design blog.

Why Identity Management?

Identity Management was identified as one of the key challenges by the five partner organisations of the co-design process. The idea behind this project is for it to address the cultural, social and political barriers to good identity management within Higher Education. The project should explore the issue from a user’s point of view and will identify practical options for addressing the barriers identified. The scope for this project includes library issues but also challenges i.e. related to HR and student services.

Read Mark Toole’s blog post for more background on the project – Identity strategies to improve access to resources.

How are you ensuring the project is dealing with relevant issues?

The first stage of this project was to set up a Taskforce to provide input and oversight to the project. It includes people with the relevant skills required to identify and address access management issues for users; people who are dealing with day to day issues, as well as those from existing relevant access and identity management groups. This includes users, IT directors, library directors, Identity Management experts, Jisc and Janet representatives.

What is this project going to deliver?

The taskforce held its first meeting on 3 July 2013 to discuss what are the most pressing identity management issues, prioritise them and look at potential solutions. Although the focus was on “quick win” solutions (solutions with a maximum 6 month timeframe), the group also looked at solutions that would take 6-12 months and 12 months. Following the meeting an action plan was produced, concentrating on these “quick wins” and looking at sub-projects that could be funded to deliver solutions.

Where can I find out more about these projects?

You will be able to find out more about these projects by following this blog.

How can I get involved?

Join the Taskforce! If you would like to join the Taskforce please email Christopher Brown or Verena Weigert.

What about other Jisc Access and Identity Management work?

Separate to the co-design process, we have been working across all parts of Jisc to develop a new draft AIM Strategy outlining the high level objectives to continue the evolution of access and identity management for the UK education and research sectors. How we will deliver this strategy is described in the ‘Evolution and Delivery of Services Plan’, which describes the existing services and development activities with clearly stated targets of how the strategy will be met over the coming 2 years. We are ensuring that outputs from this project are fed into the AIM Strategy and Plan.

And finally…

If you would like to hear more about the Identity Management project or have any questions, please contact Christopher Brown or Verena Weigert.