IdM Governance/Definitions and Toolkit (Target audience) Projects

In an earlier post the different (sub-)projects that make up this Identity Management project were described. Two of these projects are being undertaken in parallel as the issues tackled by the projects are closely interlinked. This post gives an overview of the two projects.

IdM Governance/Definitions Project (Project 1)

This project is investigating the following issues raised by the Taskforce:

  • Policies/Definitions – Ensuring IdM is properly recognised (and resourced) in institutional policies
  • AIM Higher: Culture/Ownership of the problem – Break down silos within the institution which blocks solution of IdM issues (some problems need co-ordination of different parts of the organisation)
  • Ownership of the problem – Determine ownership and responsibilities for AIM and IdM decision making within an institution.
  • Purpose of AIM system – Clearly articulate the role of IdM and AIM systems alongside other institutional systems (e.g. VLE, LMS, Finance)
  • Granularity – Categorising common different groups of users based on their relationship with the institution, physical location and their entitlement to resources.

This project feeds into Project 6 – Licensing.

IdM Toolkit (Target audience) Project (Project 3)

Project 3 is concerned with reviewing and updating the existing Jisc Identity Management Toolkit ( and producing briefing papers for key IdM Governance audiences. This will involve taking existing parts of the Toolkit and looking at the potential in expanding it to include briefing papers, for example, that can target specific positions within HE. This would include, for example, IdM for Library Directors, IdM for IT Directors, IdM for VCs, etc and highlighting the different parts of the Toolkit relevant to each role.

As this project relates to the Jisc Identity Management Toolkit, it will require input from a Toolkit developer and close work with Infonet ( , who host the Toolkit and are currently reviewing AIM outputs for inclusion in a top level Identity Management topic focussed “hub” (see Project 4 – Map to IdM Resources; ) .

Case studies

The success of both projects depends on obtaining information about the existing IdM practices of the Taskforce member institutions, particularly the three institutions that have agreed to act as case studies for Project 1 (University of Cardiff, Sheffield University, and Coventry University).

Project staff

The projects are undertaken by Local Knowledge as contractors of Jisc.

  • John Paschoud – Managing Consultant, Local Knowledge
  • Masha Garibyan – Consultant

Project website

All project outputs will be made available on the Jisc Identity Management Toolkit website ( under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence (

Project timescale

November 2013-February 2014

IdM Taskforce workshop on 17 December 2013

A workshop was held in London to discuss the issues being dealt with by these projects. The outputs from this workshop will be summarised in a subsequent post.

This post was written by Masha Garibyan.